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Working days

Rate: EUR/UAH 41.45; EUR/PLN 4.61

How to place an order

If you are already registered in our online store, please log in using your username and password. You can also complete the  registration  procedure separately or when placing your first order on the website. 

To place an order online, follow these simple steps:

Find the parts you are interested in, using one of the search methods on the website. Find the parts  on the website.


pic. 1

Choose the one that suits you best, based on price, delivery time (indicated in working days) and supplier statistics.  
Specify the required quantity of goods in the Order column and place it in the Basket When all the necessary parts are added to the Basket go to the order placement procedure.

To do this, go to the Basket , by pressing the corresponding button on the top panel (pic. 2).

pic. 2

In the basket you can see all the selected items, remove any of them, change the quantity or add a comment to each item.
To create an order for all items in the Basket, click the Checkout button. To create an order for selected items, tick the checkboxes next to the required items and click the Checkout button (pic. 3).

pic. 3

If you have not previously registered and logged in to the site, fill in the registration form. Enter your contact details, type of business, the most convenient method of payment for orders, the department where you want to receive and process orders, and a convenient delivery method. Fields marked with a red indicator are required (pic. 4). 

pic. 4

After, the above procedures, create and enter a login and password , that you will use in the future to access the online store. 

pic. 5
To complete the ordering process, click the Checkout button. 


pic. 6

If you encounter any difficulties during the ordering process, you can always contact the store directly by using the means of communication (phone, e-mail), the details of which can be found on the Contacts page, or by visiting us in person.
If you want to continue searching for additional spare parts, you can enter the part number in the search bar. To complete your purchase, go to your Basket.